Good Italian restaurants in Philly

La Famigilia on Front Street is great but does run a little pricey. Might also be a little stuffy for a get together with friends or something.

Radicchio on Wood and Kristian’s at 11th and Federal. I like Kristian’s a lot, its a nice little place, very “South Philly”. In a good way, not the stereotypic way people think of Philly. Their veal dishes are amazing.

Ralph’s on 9th Street in the Italian Market area

Vetri. Good luck getting reservations if you don’t plan in advance. If you’re in the neighborhood and ask, there’s a chance you can get a table on the spur of the moment.

Osteria: Great food. Fringe area, practically the Badlands, but no big deal for some.

Modo Mio: a slightly sketchier neighborhood, but again, no big deal.

If not, then South Philly is probably the way to go. First choice there – Tre Scalini. After that? The Saloon for a little nicer, Ralph’s for the old red and white check tablecloth place, Marra’s for a pizza and pasta joint.

You should find some time for the Italian Market if you have an extra hour. It’s in South Philly and the source of the best bread in the city.

La Viola is always good, but it’s cash only.

Scannicchio’s on Broad St. Delicious. Not fancy, small, quaint place.

Trattoria primadonna beats all mentioned above for me.

We went to a place called Porcini. Very small, and the portions and menu was small, but very very good food.

Pietro’s at 1714 Walnut Street, Center City. Great Pizza, Salad and Pasta!

Melagrano is GREAT GREAT GREAT. BYOB. Reasonably priced. between 20th and 21th. Also, I like Branzinos (byob) and Devon. All Rittenhouse area.

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