Philadelphia 76ers basketball

The Philadelphia 76ers are a legendary NBA basketball team. Also known as the Sixers, this team has had its fair share of triumphs, defeats and all the gaming drama most spectators love to see. More than that though, this team is known for their colorful game play which has left many fans dumb with excitement and awe.

This team was founded in 1939 as an independent professional team. They became part of the NBA in 1946, making them the oldest known franchise in the National Basketball Association. Back then, this team was known as the Syracuse Nationals. Their new name, the 76ers, came from a contest when the team decided that they needed the change. The winner was Walt Stahlberg, the godfather of their name till present.

As for their home arena, the Philadelphia Sixers have traveled from one local basketball court to another. The first one was the State Fair Coliseum from 1949 up to 1951. This was followed by Onodaga War Memorial from 1951 to 1963. Other stadiums they played in are the Convention Hall and Philadelphia Arena from 1963 to 1967. Right now, their home stadium is the Wachovia Center.

Nowadays, the Philadelphia 76ers play in the Eastern Conference of the NBA. Their main color scheme consists of black, red, blue and gold. The team is currently owned by Comcast-Spectator. It is coached by veteran Maurice Cheeks. To date, the Sixers have won various championships and titles. These are three championships, six conference titles and 11 division titles. These impressive numbers are the very reasons behind the team’s fame and following.

Just like any team, the Sixers also have their fair share of basketball superstars. Some of these amazing players are Chris Webber, Andre Iguadala, Allen Iverson and other supremely notable players. The mere presence of their jersey numbers on the court spread fear to their opponents and joy to their fans. Other notable players who have set this team on the NBA map are Moses Malone and Charles Barkley. Many of these legends don’t play for the team anymore, but rest assured that there will be more of these sports icons to come your way.

Indeed, the Philadelphia 76ers have come a long way. From their humble beginnings as the Syracuse Nationals, they have now earned the respect and following of the basketball world. Surely, this remarkable team will continue to pass on their victorious legacy to their next generations of players and fans. This is a promise all sporting aficionados will surely be looking forward to.

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