Philadelphia Phillies MLB baseball

The Philadelphia Phillies, on the brink of becoming the first professional franchise of recording 10,000 losses, were founded in 1883. However, this is still a team worth watching. Pitcher, Cole Hamels, is a master of the art. The Phillies don’t have a lot of sluggers, but second basemen Chase Utley knoscks out 30 a year or so.

They have had their share of players who have been enshrined in the Baseball Hall of Fame. The likes of Harry Wright, Robin Roberts, Jimmiie Foxx and Tony Perez are former Phillies that are part of the Hall of Fame.

The Phillies had their only taste of a world title in 1980 when they won the World Series. Tthe Phillies had to get past several teams such as Kansas City and Houston to be able to gain their first and only Major League Baseball title.

The Phillies, while not known to be among the dominant teams of Major League Baseball have their own following ranging from celebrities and actors. Philadelphians continue to support the home team.

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